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Young, innovative, with a new idea of ​​tourism

Drowssap is not only an e-commerce portal, but a real tool that puts our philosophy into practice: rethinking the tourism system by putting at the center the subjects that are the real pillar. People. Those who welcome the area and those who want to discover the area in a true, healthy and unfiltered way

Our protagonists

* The tourist *

Finally at the center of everything, with Drowssap you can independently choose the best tourist offers with the certainty of a range of high quality services. All offered by partners who know the area perfectly and at the lowest prices on the market

* The drowssapper *

Our operators in the area, qualified and in close contact with tourist flows. They respect and promote the places they represent, informing and advising tourists. Thus they enhance the artistic and cultural heritage and generate well-being for the entire supply chain

Great ideas need great partners

The Italian tourism system is complex and articulated, which is why Drowssap has chosen Cima Tour as its ally, the world's leading tour operator for travel in the Campania region and Southern Italy. That of Cima is a story of excellence that began in 1949 and which has made over 1.5 million travelers travel from all over the world. For Drowssap, Cima Tour takes care of the logistics and the quality of the services offered, guaranteeing reliability and experience for every tourist


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