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We value beauty

With the drowssapper ethics and economy move on the same track

The password for the future of tourism

Enhancing tourism resources, promoting the territory, creating value for the entire supply chain: with drowssappers, ethics and economics move on the same track

Operators, staff in contact with tourists, professionals or ordinary citizens who, through their work of dissemination and enhancement, can earn for each travel experience purchased on

BBecome a drowssapper and make the beauty that surrounds you a resource

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How to become a drowssapper

Staff in contact with tourists, professional operators or ordinary citizens, everyone can become a Drowssapper. It is enough to respect the required quality standards, to love your territory and to be in contact with travelers

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    If you want to become Drowssapper you can submit your request directly through this page by filling in all the fields of your application

  • Let's meet up

    Once you have entered your request, you will be contacted as soon as possible to get to know us live and in person, so you will also receive your personal identification code

  • Promote your code

    Provide your code to the tourists you come in contact with, advising, as you would a friend, places, points of interest and experiences to do in your city. We will recognize you a fee for each booking with your code

Become a drowssapper

Fill in the form to get the code and start promoting our services!

What about payments?

As a Drowssapper you will be entitled to a fee for each booking made on this site with your unique code. Each successful transaction will be communicated to you by email and the corresponding credit will be credited in real time to your credit card as soon as you request the cash out. By accessing the Drowssapper Area you always have everything under control

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A project with 70 years of experience

A project with 70 years of experience

DROWSAPP is a Cima Tour project, a leading company in Italy since 1949, leader in the organization of trips and excursions. Cima Tour selects the best partners in the area to create an excellent tourist offer at competitive prices, managing the movement of over one and a half million visitors a year from all over the world

When I discovered Drowssap I changed my itineraries. So I have seen much more and I have also saved. I recommend it to everybody

Osvaldo, tourist from Italy

I am in love with my city and with Drowssap I also make tourists fall in love. Plus, it became an extra income

Giuseppe, manager of B&B

I loved my territory and I loved tourism. From now on I also love Drowssap

Marco, tour guide

All fantastic! Great job Drowssap

Jerome, tourist from UK


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